Support Letter

Hello Family and Friends,

It’s hard to know where to start in writing you this letter, so I think I’m going to just share a little bit of this year and update you on my life and where God has been leading me over the last 6 months or so.
My life is totally different these days. In that God has been faithful in giving me new direction. Over the last few months God has been preparing me for a big life change and setting me up to be able to go out and transform my character. Through lots of prayer and lots of listening I’ve decided to apply to a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). I’m happy to let you know they’ve accepted me to be a part of the fall school which will start on September 13, 2010. It’s amazing how everything is just falling into place, and God has been telling me to, “Just be patient.” Let me tell you, that’s not very easy to do!
I also want you to know I’ve discussed this with my pastor and in talking through how this will affect my character, my life and my role here at Crossroads, he’s excited for me as well. My hope is to bring back this new knowledge and an even more transformed character to my church and continue in a staff role here at Crossroads. Not only does my pastor fully support me, but he sees it as a great step in my development as a Christian leader and is excited, both for me and the church.
God has been so faithful to me in guiding me along my journey of life. I’m excited to be going out and experiencing this new step of my life with the support of my family, friends and church, (Crossroads) I love you all. Here is some info on the school and what I will be looking forward to doing with my time there.

· Education: The first 3 months of the school will be in San Francisco doing a mix of Lecture weeks and Outreach weeks. The twelve weeks of lectures will be on topics like Hearing the Voice of God, Spiritual Warfare, Urban Missions, Frontier Missions and many more. Our speakers will be from all around the world with a wealth of different ministry experiences. This part excites me the most, and I will be blessed to expand my knowledge of the world and God’s Word.

· Outreach: Along with becoming educated, we will be focusing on different cultures and sub cultures of the city. Focuses will include homeless and those living in poverty, University students, the Chinese population of San Francisco, immigrant families and many more. We will also be partnering with established, as well as brand new, YWAM Ministries based in San Francisco. The last 30 days of the five months spent in San Francisco will be completely focused on serving the city and spreading God’s Word to the people there.
. Missions: After these five months spent in San Francisco, our YWAM team will head out for a one month oversea outreach in Hanoi, Vietnam. What I love about YWAM is that they earnestly seek God for His purpose in the cities that they reach out to. I am not exactly sure yet how we will be serving the people of Vietnam, but I will update you soon!

What I am asking from you is simply for your support. It has been such a blessing to see God’s work already. He never stops being so faithful to me. God is going to take me on an amazing journey, and I am humbled to be a part of it. Now I am providing you with the opportunity to partner with me and God and “GO” with me to YWAM San Francisco and Hanoi, Vietnam. There are a few ways to be involved in my journey…

You can support me in prayer: I need that more than anything else. I know that I will experience some very intense and out of my normal life situations, and to know that I have your constant support and prayer would be the strength that I need.

Financial Support: Raising money for this trip has been one of the most faith building tasks, but I know that God will provide. I am responsible for raising $6,500 by September, and I would greatly appreciate your help. You can contribute financially by:
o Mail: Enclosed is an addressed and stamped envelope. Please make your check or money order to Crossroads Christian Fellowship.
o Online: You can contribute online at www.Crossroadsjourney.com
§ Go to “Online Giving” and Click “I Want To Worship in Giving” at the bottom
§ Enter in the information required, and Click “Review Order and Continue”
§ IMPORTANT: There will be a space to make a note before you confirm your total. Please note that it is for Jason Donnel YWAM Trip. You will receive a receipt by email.

This is a journey of faith together!! I look forward to updating you about the fruit God is producing in my life, as well as the lives God uses me to impact in the city of San Francisco and in Hanoi, Vietnam. I love you and I can’t express how much I appreciate your support! God bless you for your faith and trust in Him!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me at Jason@crossroadsjourney.com or (916) 803-6005.

Jason Donnel,
Director of Youth Ministries

“Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”
1 John 3:18

Support letters are OUT!!

Just want to say that all my support letters have been sent out! This is a BIG deal for me. The reason is this; I'm a huge procrastinator, so usually I take forever to do things, and second I have no supporters as of right now. So I could use your help with some prayer, that the letters would be an impact and people will be behind me with support, prayer and financially. What I'm planning on doing over the next month (or however long it takes) is going to peoples homes for dinner to share in person how God is working in my life and the importance of me going on this journey/training/missions trip. And no I'm not just going to get free dinners, although it will save me some money in the long run if I can get 30 free dinners! LOL I'm really nervous about doing this because its hard for me to strike up conversation with people but I feel its what God is saying to go do. I feel that by going to there homes shows that I care about them and we are family in this journey of my life together.

Feel free to contact me about setting up a dinner and a time, so that I could share with you. My email address is jason@crossroadsjourney.com thanks for the time!



Reason for this blog

hello to all,
The reason for making this blog is to update you on my life before and during my new adventure. I am planning on heading out of Sacramento to go live in San Francisco to be apart of YWAM. I will be living there for 5 months and after that I will spend 1 month in Vietnam.

Someone asked me today, "are you so excited!" and I said well its not close enough yet to be excited! haha, but really I'm just so amazed at what God is doing and what he has in store for my future! That's what I'm really excited about. Because where I'm living at in San Fran is not the best place to go live! So I have to be humble and trust that God is going to show me a new way of life. very cool!

So as of right now, I'm putting together support letters to send out and help me in financial support and prayer. I hope to have them all mailed out by this monday. :)

I will be leaving on September 13th and in the mean time I will continue to serve at Crossroads and be working on the staff there. From now untill September I really need to work hard at raising money. I need about $6500 by the day I arive.

So if you can, please be praying for that and also for my heart to start to be prepard for the big life change thats right ahead of me this year. its going to be great. thanks so much!!

Jason Donnel