Last Week in Thailand

Things have been going by so fast here in Thailand, I can't believe its almost time for Vietnam! This last weekend I was able to go and help out at a Rugby day camp for at risk youth and kids from 6-11. This was one of my favorite things I've done here in Thailand! They do training and a bible study for free. Its put on by a guy who plays for the Canadian rugby team. Rugby is a rich sport so the kids mostly play soccer but when they can play rugby they love it just the same. The city where we went to pick up some of the kids was called Samuterakara, its a part of Bangkok that is a Cambodian community. So some of the kids don't even speak Thai. The rugby team that the kids play for is called Nak Suu, which means Noble Warrior. Some of the younger kids thought my tattoos were marker, most tattoos that I've seen here are just black so I'm guessing they have never seen a color tattoo. Sorry for the choppiness of my writing. We also had a sports day with the BJD family and played volleyball and basketball. The Thai people are good at everything! So crazy!
Ministry has been the same, here during the weeks. on Friday some of us went to the slums to hang out and play with kids. I got attacked by some geese that thought I was to close to them, it was pretty fun time. If they only knew they were on the dinner menu they wouldn't be acting all tough. :)
I'm really looking forward to being in Vietnam, just to have something new would be nice.
Our team could use prayer for heath still, a few of the girls have been sick this past week and we would like to be healthy while traveling to Vietnam on the 28th at 11:30 our time, 8:30pm the 27th San Francisco time. God has been good and our team continues to be transformed by His love everyday. Thanks so much for you prayers!


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