God is good!

hello all,
Sorry for taking so long to give you an update. Things here are busy and you seem to loose track of the time.
God has been doing some amazing things while I've been here in Thailand, just last week there was a student who accepted Christ and wants to start being a Christian. This is a process that takes time but it was a really neat experience to be a part of. Each day we do ministry out on the campus, we continue to bring new students to BJD. This is fun and keeps you wanting to go back for more! On Tuesday nights they have worship nights at BJD, and its the most intense worship I've ever been part of! Some of the songs are sang in Thai but the Spirit of God is so real and such a part of the worship that you cant help but just shout out to Him and cry out to Him! I cant explain it but trust me when I say, "it's the most spirit filled worship that I have ever been a part of." God is doing great things at the YWAM base in Thailand! I spent three of my days at the hospital with one of our team members last week, Mike. He had pneumonia. So he is back now and feeling much better but while being at the hospital we caused trouble, ate way to much McDonald's dipped cones (which are less than 30 cents!) and watched some soccer and like 6 movies. They have a 37 inch flat screen with a huge movie selection! Kewl! Although we couldn't leave the hospital we had a great time. The hospital is one of the best in the world.
I'm starting to get tired of eating Thai food, every day lunch and dinner is like going out to a Thai restaurant, only its about one dollar for a meal. :) I thought I wouldn't mind but it gets old.
This Saturday we went to the beach. Let me just say Thailand has some awesome beaches! We went to a city about two hours away called Pattaya City. Its a tourist area but who cares, the water was so warm and so beautiful. It reminded me of Hawaii. We took a bout ride to an Island that was so nice, before we got there we stopped and jumped of the boat and played around for a while before going on the island. I jumped of the top of the boat and my earrings fell out right away (sorry Sarah Boyd, just know that they rest at the bottom of the Golf of Thailand.) The day was a great day and half the team got sun burned. I'm blessed with good skin and don't burn. :)
Sunday was church at the same place, They love to have fun there and they feed us some great food after service. We are truly blessed by the people of the church.
I'm missing family and friends and can't wait to be home, even though this is such a great experience. Thank you all for your prayers and keep praying for team unity and our effectiveness while here in Thailand.
Thank you and may God bless you,
Love Jason


At January 20, 2011 at 4:54 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

awesome awesome awesomeee! so awesome!
that is all...

ps.. who spells cool like kewl anymore? come on jason ;P haha miss ya!

At January 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM , OpenID cbmissionstrip said...

pattaya is my fav beach now! the water was a beautiful green! (: miss you my friend! meow!


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