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hello to all,
The reason for making this blog is to update you on my life before and during my new adventure. I am planning on heading out of Sacramento to go live in San Francisco to be apart of YWAM. I will be living there for 5 months and after that I will spend 1 month in Vietnam.

Someone asked me today, "are you so excited!" and I said well its not close enough yet to be excited! haha, but really I'm just so amazed at what God is doing and what he has in store for my future! That's what I'm really excited about. Because where I'm living at in San Fran is not the best place to go live! So I have to be humble and trust that God is going to show me a new way of life. very cool!

So as of right now, I'm putting together support letters to send out and help me in financial support and prayer. I hope to have them all mailed out by this monday. :)

I will be leaving on September 13th and in the mean time I will continue to serve at Crossroads and be working on the staff there. From now untill September I really need to work hard at raising money. I need about $6500 by the day I arive.

So if you can, please be praying for that and also for my heart to start to be prepard for the big life change thats right ahead of me this year. its going to be great. thanks so much!!

Jason Donnel


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