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Greetings from San Francisco,
I really don’t know where to start with what God has been doing here in the beautiful city of San Francisco. All I can say is that God is transforming me in amazing ways and in that I’m able to go out and minister to the people in the city.
We have just finished our lecture phase here and have started doing outreach in the city. Over the course of the lecture phase we talked about one topic each week. They were on, the character and nature of God, hearing God’s voice, studying the Bible, spiritual warfare, plumb line, missions and the church, discipleship, brokenness, lifestyle of repentance and frontier missions.
Outreach has been really exciting so far, we will be doing different things in the city up until we leave for our overseas outreach, which is on December 30. So, one of the really cool things that I’m learning here is to have faith in God in new ways. For example: on Friday what we did was a prayer scavenger hunt. This sounds weird and I too was totally a skeptic when hearing what we were doing. What we had to do was get into groups of two or three and pray and ask God to give us words. When we heard God speak to us we had to go out and find the words in the city. Then once there, we could minister to the needs of what God was showing and speaking to us. The words we heard from God were, go left, gas pump, random /first bus, palace and field. So after we got those words we went out. We walked until we got to the bus stop and the first bus stop took us to the fisherman’s wharf. We got there and in front of a random store there was a display gas pump. So we went in and I walked up to the cash register and said, “Hi, my name is Jason and I would like to pray for you.” And that’s how the rest of the day went. Just being bold, stepping out in faith, and going where God wanted us to minister. God is SO faithful to speak to us and partner in ministry if we just take the time to seek Him and go where he asks. Outreach isn’t just to be ministering to people but learning new things in that process. Praise God for wanting to invest in us all the time.
The time is coming so fast and time has gone by so fast. Our team leaves for overseas on December 30. There will be 17 of us traveling together, which is a perfect size, not too big, not too small. We will be serving in Bangkok, Thailand for four weeks and Hanoi, Vietnam for four weeks. We will be back in the states on February 19th. As far as to what we will be doing is still TBA. I do know in Thailand we will be working with college and youth aged students and in Vietnam teaching English. This is all I know as of right now.
Prayer Points:
· Financial…I still need $2,500 to raise before I leave overseas
· If you would like to partner with God and I, you can mail a check to:
YWAM Jason Donnel
357 Ellis st.
San Francisco, CA 94102
make the check payable to: Jason Donnel
· Strength while doing outreach in San Francisco
· Protection here and while in overseas doing ministry
· Continued excitement, things seem repetitive after being here for so long.
· Prayer warriors to rise up and pray for me and our team each day! Thank you so much for your support


At December 4, 2010 at 4:17 PM , Blogger Linda said...

Jason, how exciting for you to have all of these new things going on in your life. God IS amazing, and HE has been doing some pretty amazing things with me lately too. I am very excited about it. I pray for you, I pray for your mission, I pray for your safety and well being. Can't wait to hear about the amazing things that you will do on your mission.

Love and hugs.


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