Update 1/10/11

Good morning all,
It's Monday morning here in Bangkok and its a nice 73 degrees right now with a high of 88. This is a pretty common temp, not to bad. Things are going pretty well, one of our team members has been in the hospital the last two days from having pneumonia. He is now doing better and his fever has gone down and should be returning back to the team today. Our leader Steve cut his toe and had to go to the ER as well this weekend and on top of that about 4 others have a bad cough. So please be praying for the sickness and our teams spirits to not be low.
I've been well, some days I'm a little tired but that's really nothing new. I've adapted well to the food and the living style here in the city. Some of the team members are getting bit up really bad by the mosquito's, I've been blessed with bad tasting blood, they stay away. :) I had the opportunity to take a boy from the BJD program that we are working with to an amusement park this Saturday. The 29 students that are in this program will be in it for about 4 years. This is the average time for a student to convert from Buddhism to Christianity. Its like a 4 year DTS. Anyways this student, (he has a name but I have no clue how to spell it, sorry.) just converted over last month. So a few of us treated him to the Disneyland of Thailand, It was a blast!
They call me PJ here now. The Thai people like to make up names for us guests. the P is for when you are an older boy you are called P-Boy, so I'm older and my name starts with J, which is a common name in Thailand (Ja).
It's hard at times to speak to some of the students, for one thing, they are really shy and then there is the language wall. So I've been praying that The God who is the Voice of the Voiceless would speak through me while I'm in a different country and let me be the Hope for the Hopeless. I'm seeing God work in awesome ways here in Thailand and at BJD. Playing games and watching soccer isn't my favorite thing to do but for the Thai people it is and they love us for that. They start to understand Gods love some how through it. It's one of those things that's unexplainable but you know its a God thing for sure.
Thank you for all your prayers!! I love you all!


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