Support letters are OUT!!

Just want to say that all my support letters have been sent out! This is a BIG deal for me. The reason is this; I'm a huge procrastinator, so usually I take forever to do things, and second I have no supporters as of right now. So I could use your help with some prayer, that the letters would be an impact and people will be behind me with support, prayer and financially. What I'm planning on doing over the next month (or however long it takes) is going to peoples homes for dinner to share in person how God is working in my life and the importance of me going on this journey/training/missions trip. And no I'm not just going to get free dinners, although it will save me some money in the long run if I can get 30 free dinners! LOL I'm really nervous about doing this because its hard for me to strike up conversation with people but I feel its what God is saying to go do. I feel that by going to there homes shows that I care about them and we are family in this journey of my life together.

Feel free to contact me about setting up a dinner and a time, so that I could share with you. My email address is jason@crossroadsjourney.com thanks for the time!



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